‘Krypton’ Casts Newcomer as Superman’s Grandfather in Syfy Pilot

     October 3, 2016


The last we heard about David S. Goyer’s Superman prequel project Krypton was that Syfy had ordered up a pilot. The next step was casting someone to play Kal-El’s granddad, since the series takes place two generations before the baby superhero would be stowed safely in a rocket ship and launched off the unstable title planet. Now, as TV Line reports, that casting has been accomplished in the person of Cameron Cuffe, the up-and-coming British actor who recently starred in Stephen Frears’ feature Florence Foster Jenkins.

We’ll have more on Cuffe and Krypton in our superhero series news round-up below. In related news, the full CW Superhero Fight Club 2.0 video has made its way off the CW app and online for everyone to see; it features your favorite heroes from SupergirlThe FlashArrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in a fun-filled fight for their lives, complete with super-special surprise villain. Oh, and remember when a recent Supergirl promo name-dropped Gotham? Yeah, an executive producer weighs in on the possibilities for a crossover.

And in continuing DC TV news, a new Gotham promo heralds the season’s big bad villain, The Mad Hatter, as played by Benedict Samuel. This preview also includes the first look at his henchmen Tweedledee and Tweedledum. And in the lone bit of Marvel TV news, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. officially confirmed the comic book character identity of the agency’s new director.

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