Concept Art from Bryan Singer’s SUPERMAN RETURNS Sequel and J.J. Abrams’ SUPERMAN FLYBY

     December 6, 2010


In the over 70 years since Superman’s creation, there have been a plethora of attempts to bring the Man of Steel to the silver screen. From Tim Burton’s planned adaptation in the late 90s, to Kevin Smith’s attempts at a Superman that doesn’t fly in Superman Lives, there have been as many unsuccessful attempts at making Superman movies than successful ones.

A few weeks ago we showed you some costume sculpts from Tim Burton’s… not at all homoerotic attempt at a Superman film.  Now, we have new images of Doomsday concept art from a once-possible Bryan Singer-helmed Superman Returns sequel, as well as costume concept art from a scrapped 2002 J.J. Abrams project, Superman Flyby. Hit the jump for the images and some thoughts.

The Doomsday art looks like Doomsday, and his involvement in a Superman Returns film may have made people happier than a Kevin Spacey-style Lex Luthor, whose biggest crime was being too good of an entrepreneur. Alright, and trying to kill millions of people for some reason.

As for the J.J. Abrams costumes, the first one looks great.  I would have loved to see a costume like that, especially considering the alternative: a metallic-y, translucent, saran-wrap covered, green and purple Nicolas Cage-donned suit. The second one looks like a sad Keanu Reeves should be in it, while the third and fourth look like the traditional suit with a jelly bean coming out of the middle for some reason.

Via Comic Book Movie:

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