David S. Goyer Talks Realistic Tone of MAN OF STEEL; Says He and Nolan Used the Same “Naturalistic Approach” Adopted for Batman

     October 1, 2012


We finally got a tease of what director Zack Snyder’s iteration of Superman looks like this past July by way of the first trailer for Man of Steel, and the first thought on many people’s minds was, “Boy, that looks a lot like Batman Begins.”  The similarities are no accident, as the new Superman pic first got off the ground when Begins co-writer David S. Goyer came up with a way to approach Supes in a reboot that piqued the interest of Batman director Christopher Nolan.  The two pitched the take to Warner Bros., Goyer wrote the screenplay with Nolan producing, and 300’s Zack Snyder was tasked with brining the project to fruition.

Goyer recently talked a bit about how he and Nolan approached Man of Steel, expressly stating that they developed the update using the same “naturalistic approach” that was adopted for The Dark Knight Trilogy.  Hit the jump for the full quotes.

man of steel poster comic conSpeaking today at Rome Fiction Fest (via BadTaste), Goyer was asked about what Man of Steel has in common with Goyer’s previous works:

“What Christopher Nolan and I have done with Superman is try to bring the same naturalistic approach that we adopted for the Batman trilogy. We always had a naturalistic approach, we want our stories to be rooted in reality, like they could happen in the same world we live in. It’s not that easy with Superman, and actually this doesn’t necessarily mean we will make a dark movie. But working on this reboot we are thinking about what would happen if a story like this one actually happened. How would people react to this? What impact would the presence of Superman in the real world have? What I really like to do is write ‘genre’ stories without a cartoonish element. I did the same with Da Vinci’s Demons, and I’ll do the same with Man of Steel.”

Some fans of the comics aren’t too crazy about Goyer/Nolan/Snyder’s “real world” approach to Superman, but I’m really interested to see how this take plays out.  We saw some brief action sequences at Comic-Con and the (for lack of a better word) “gritty” style was an interesting way to see Henry Cavill’s Supes and Michael Shannon’s General Zod duking it out in very alien-looking costumes.

There’s still a long way to go before the film’s release and we’ve seen just the tiniest snippet of footage from the full film, so I’ll remain cautiously optimistic until we’ve seen more.  Man of Steel opens on June 14th, 2013.


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