WonderCon 2013: SUPERMAN: UNBOUND Panel Recap – Q&A with Director James Tucker, Writer Bob Goodman & Voice Actors Matt Bomer and Molly Quinn

     March 29, 2013


After the world premiere screening of Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment’s Superman: Unbound, the cast and creative team behind the animated feature took the stage at WonderCon 2013 to field some questions.  Included on the panel were director James Tucker (Legion of Super Heroes), writer Bob Goodman (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Parts 1 and 2), renowned voice casting director Andrea Romano (Batman: The Animated Series) and voice actors Matt Bomer (Magic Mike) and Molly C. Quinn (Castle).  While the new DC feature was obviously at the forefront of the questions, the panel did reveal some information about upcoming projects coming out of DC.  Hit the jump for a recap of the Q&A and check out my review of the movie here.

molly-quinn-supergirlAfter the screening, the panel was moderated by publicist Gary Miereanu, who pointed out that Tucker recently took over the reins from Bruce Timm as the supervisor of DC’s animated slate.  Timm will be developing original material in his time away.  Meanwhile Tucker will be focusing on bringing out more characters in the DC universe with three films planned for release in 2014.  The next DC animated film will be Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, which may make an appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con in some form or another.

Here are some of the highlights from tonight’s panel Q&A:

  • Goodman, who has been writing for DC animation for the better part of the last two decades, actually wrote Superman: Unbound before writing both installments of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.
  • Though Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was too dense even for a two-parter, Superman: Unbound required a bit more fleshing out, so Goodman added subplots for Clark Kent with Lois Lane and Superman with Supergirl.
  • Bomer, who is also a fan of Thundercats and Nightwing, loved playing the iconic role and revealed that he wore out his Superman cape as a little kid.
  • superman-unboundBomer brought a physical component to the voice-acting role and aimed to create his own version of Superman rather than worrying about previous iterations.
  • Romano called Bomer’s casting “pitch perfect,” worked with Quinn on Ben-10: Ultimate Alien and spoke quite highly of John Noble’s work, calling him “incredibly elegant and wonderful…[a] remarkable performance; rich and deep and full and certainly not one note.”
  • Noble voiced the film’s antagonist, Brainiac, but also Brainiac’s ship, though his voice was slightly altered in an electronic fashion.
  • Quinn said it was pretty easy to relate to Supergirl, who is connected with a strong sense of right and wrong, and had fun playing a teenager who can fly.
  • Tucker spoke on the process of adapting Geoff Johns’ comic arc Superman: Brainiac and commented on changing the visual style, saying “Why draw a caricature of Christopher Reeves when you have Matt Bomer?”
  • superman-unboundWhen asked why they changed the title and the ending, Miereanu said there were some licensing issues while Goodman admitted to being asked by execs to make specific changes.  The original intent was to leave an ambiguous ending to the film for a possibility of following it up with the New Krypton storyline.  Other suggested titles they threw around were: Lost City of Metropolis and Flesh and Metal. 
  • When asked about a conclusion to Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Miereanu said, “Anything is possible.”  He had the same response to a question about Superman: Red Son, though Tucker said that it’s “definitely on my wish list.”
  • Goodman spoke to his version of Lois Lane, saying, “[She’s] one of the best characters ever…the strongest character in this movie.”
  • Quinn likes Supergirl but her favorite comic book character is Poison Ivy, because she “likes being bad.”
  • The last question of the night asked when The Riddler would be featured again.  Miereanu guaranteed that fans would see The Riddler by 2015, though he didn’t elaborated in what capacity.  Goodman confessed that The Riddler stories are among the hardest to write.

Superman: Unbound will be available on Blu-ray/DVD/VOD starting May 7th and will include a special ten-minute behind-the-scenes making of DC Entertainment’s next animated feature: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.


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