Exclusive: ‘SuperMansion’ Season 3 Clip Introduces Mikey Day’s Max Penalizer

     May 10, 2018


I hope you’re watching the super-awkward antics of the League of Freedom and the Injustice Club in Season 3 of Sony Crackle’s SuperMansion because the stop-motion series is off to a stellar start. (Get an idea of what you’re in for with my review of Season 3 here, or just start watching the season for yourself!) After just premiering earlier this week, Episode 2 “Masters of Lex” is due to arrive this coming Monday, May 14th, and we have an advance look to share exclusively with you!

In this clip, you’ll meet the newest vigilante anti-hero to arrive in Storm City. He goes by the name of Max Penalizer–for reasons that will become very clear–and is voiced by SNL‘s own Mikey Day. He’ll go up against Bryan Cranston‘s superheroic Titanium Rex and his surprise team-up with arch-nemesis Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine), but not in the all-out brawl you might be expecting.

Check out our exclusive clip from the upcoming episode of SuperMansion below:

Episode 302: “Masters of Lex”


When Lex starts dating the vigilante anti-hero Max Penalizer (Mikey Day), Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston) and Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine) team up to break them up. As the villains of the mansion set their eyes on bedding Cooch (Heidi Gardner), Robobot (Zeb Wells) learns the dangers of telling humans little white lies.

Season 3 sees the lunatics getting the keys to the asylum when Dr. Devizo is declared a hero after “saving the world” at the end of last season. He and the Injustice Club are all made honorary members of the League of Freedom. The heroes and villains must learn to live and work together if they’re going to combat the never-ending amount of evil in the world.

Alongside Cranston and Pine, Keegan-Michael KeyJillian BellYvette Nicole BrownHeidi GardnerTucker Gilmore and Zeb Wells all return to voice their characters in Wells and Matthew Senreich‘s crazy creation. Breckin Meyer will return as Courtney, and Oscar and Emmy-nominated actress Minnie Driver will have a recurring role on the upcoming third season.

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Image via Sony Crackle