Over 35 Images Unveil the ‘Supernatural’ 300th Episode Red Carpet Celebration

     November 20, 2018

supernatural-300th-episode-image-sliceUnless you’ve lived in a cave or under a rock for the last 14 years, you already know about the television phenomena called Supernatural. Other shows have been on the air longer, but they are usually animated offerings or police procedurals. What makes Supernatural so different is the fact that it’s the longest running genre show of any kind in the history of television by a wide margin.

No offense intended to the other long-running programs, but genre shows (horror, sci-fi, etc.) are notoriously difficult to pull off: the episode budgets are huge, given the number of special effects needed in service of the stories, meaning the cost eventually makes them financially unviable for the networks airing them. This alone makes the 300th episode milestone Supernatural has reached an unprecedented achievement.


Image via Phillip Chin/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The stars came out in full force to celebrate the event in Vancouver, with series leads Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (Sam and Dean Winchester) leading the way, with their angelic best bud Misha Collins (Castiel) close behind. Costars Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer/Nick) and Alexander Calvert (Jack) also walked the carpet, along with supporting players Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester), Ruth Connell (Rowena), and Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel/The Trickster). Jared and Jensen’s actor spouses Genevieve Padalecki (Ruby) and Danneel Ackles (Anael/Sister Jo) also got in on the fun. Executive Producers Robert Singer, Phil Sgriccia, Brad Buckner, and Eugenie Ross-Leming were also there to celebrate the milestone.

After the red carpet, the cast and crew had a massive party, with Jared channeling his inner musician (pretending to play the sax), while Jensen belted out a couple of rock tunes with the show’s band The Impalas.

The episode doesn’t have an official airdate or title yet, but this is what we know: it’s Episode 13 of the 14th season, and here’s a brief synopsis:

“In the 300th, we get to see how the people of Lebanon, Kansas view Sam, Dean and Cas (are they bigfoot hunters? hitmen?), and meet a few old friends along the way.”

Earlier in the day, a plaque was dedicated at the Canadian Motion Picture Park (CMPP), which officially christened their production office building (which also houses the show’s stages) as The Supernatural Stages!  Even Baby was in attendance to see her image debut on the plaque.

Take a look at all the fantastic images below of the dedication, red carpet event and the party that followed.

Supernatural airs Thursdays on the CW.