SUPERNATURAL Season 11: Darkness, Repercussions, and Much More

     July 13, 2015


Sunday July 11, 2015 concluded the biggest Comic Con of the year and it did so with a bang. The cast and writers/producers (Jeremy Carver and Andrew Dabb) of Supernatural presented on a fully packed panel in San Diego Comic Con’s biggest hall (the legendary Hall H) and were later available for an exclusive interview. Supernatural is about two brothers, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) who hunt demons, occasionally with the help of their friend, an angel named Castiel (Micha Collins). The Winchester brothers on occasion have also found an unlikely ally in one of their biggest adversaries, Crowley (Mark Sheppard), a demon and a king of Hell.

During our interviews, the cast and the production crew discussed the past season (Season 10), as well as the upcoming 11th Season. We have compiled a list of 14 most important things discussed at the interviews on what you need to know about Supernatural at this point.

  • jensen-ackles-supernatural-comic-con-2015At the end of the last season Dean was supposed to kill his little brother and instead ended up killing Death. Andrew Dabb, one of the writers for Supernatural, stated that there will be serious repercussions for Dean in the next season for having killed Death. Since typically the one who kills Death must become the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse, is it possible that Dean himself will become the next Death? The writers were unable to answer that question at this point but it seems to be a possibility.
  • The end of the last season also saw Rowena removing the Mark of Cain, which was meant to contain Darkness. Darkness is an entity, which predates the universe and God and is believed to be immortal and impossible to defeat, even by God and archangels. It can only be locked away in the Mark. When Rowena removes the Mark, Darkness consumes everything. One of the show’s writers, Jeremy Carver, stated that the show is tapping into what Death hinted at previously – the battle between God and the Darkness. “As we begin to meet the Darkness… we begin to see that there is a lot of unfinished business in that clash…and the boys [the Winchester brothers] will find themselves in the middle of it.”
  • Both Dean and Sam made choices in the past season, which lead to the current state of events. Jeremy Carver mentioned that both brothers will experience guilt and a sense of responsibility over what happened with unleashing the Darkness, in particular, Sam. Carver stated, “The boys will realize that they are partially or mostly responsible and I think that this weighs really heavily on them. And I think it’s going to be one of those seasons where we will see them experiencing a fair amount of guilt…but also a sense of drive to put this back together.”
  • jared-padalecki-supernatural-comic-con-2015The writers and cast both mentioned that they are excited for the fans to see Episode 4 of the new season, titled, “Baby.” Andrew Dabb stated that episode 4 is the “keystone episode” that the writers cannot wait for the fans to experience. Jensen Ackles went as far as to say that this episode is a “Dream come true” and will focus heavily on the POV of the Impala.
  • Given the grim turn of events and Sam’s desperation to destroy the Darkness, he might be for the first time turning to “The higher power.” Both Jared Padalecki and Jeremy Carver confirmed this.
  • Most fans were devastated to lose Charlie last season. While the cast and writers pleaded the 5th on whether or not she is definitely returning, Carver stated that she might return if there is a good reason to do so, while Dabb hinted that there may be hope of her return.
  • The Supernatural team has so far attended over 70 conventions. When asked about whether they are worn out from these, the team unanimously agreed that cons are still enjoyable to them. Micha Collins stated that when shooting episodes, he does not get the chance to experience the direct fan reactions that he does at cons. He stated that he greatly enjoys learning of the impact on the show on the fans.
  • Even 11 seasons later Supernatural has managed to maintain its dark as well as its comedic side. When asked about creating a balance between drama and comedy, Carver stated that the best dramatic stories have an element of comedy to them and vice versa.
  • When asked if Castiel going to be hanging out with the Winchesters again, Jensen Ackles stated after the Darkness is released the Winchesters are going to need all the help that they can get. While he could not directly confirm what the new happenstance means for Dean’s relationship with Cas, he stated that it’s likely that Cas will be needed to help the brothers once more.
  • mark-sheppard-supernatural-comic-con-2015Castiel at the beginning of Season 11 will start off where he was left in season 10 – still suffering the post-effects of the spell. Micha Collins stated that the spell does not affect Cas in the same way as it affects humans but it affects him nonetheless and it’s something that he deals with for a long time throughout the season.
  • Ackles also stated that Dean is finally ready to get back into action. “The pity party is over,” he stated. The Mark is gone and he is not able to undo the mess that they two have made. Ackles added that, “sometimes you’ve got to do a little bad to do good.” This season will likely show a return to the way that the series began – 2 brothers with a common goal.
  • Jensen Ackles reports to have enjoyed directing episodes from Supernatural. He joked that the only parts of the episodes that were challenging to direct were the ones with Mark Sheppard. Sheppard himself stated that Ackles is a wonderful director and he enjoyed working with him. Padalecki stated that he enjoyed being directed by his best friend and fellow actor.
  • Mark Sheppard denied the rumor that Crowley will become the new Death. He added that he loves playing Crowley, as “you never quite know if he’s telling the truth or not.”
  • Padalecki shared a heartwarming message of his “Always Keep Fighting” campaign – a campaign to prevent suicide and spread awareness. After a crewmember committed suicide, Padalecki became involved in the project. He reports on the importance of reaching out to others and spreading awareness to let others know that they are cared for. He states that it doesn’t take much to make a difference.