Susan Sarandon May Play Shia LaBeouf’s Mother in WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS

     August 25, 2009


Susan Sarandon, has carved out a great niche as a supporting actress (although it certainly speaks to how Hollywood handles its actresses once they can no longer be one the cover of Maxim), and she’ll soon be seen in both “Solitary Man” (starring Mary-Louise Parker and Michael Douglas) and “Leaves of Grass” (starring Edward Norton) at this year’s Toronto Film Festival.  She also co-stars in Peter Jackson’s upcoming film, “The Lovely Bones”.  Now she’s got another supporting role in the works.  Hit the jump to wonder how Susan Sarandon and Shia LaBeouf could be from the same gene pool.

According to Variety, Sarandon is in talks to join Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps” or as I prefer to call it, “Oliver Stone: Trying to Stay Relevant”.  Sarandon would play the mother of LaBeouf’s character, a young Wall Street trader who falls in with Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas).  I would have hoped that at this point, Gekko would be trying to kill Superman but no; he’s probably still being an 80s guy trying make a quick and sleazy buck off the backs of hard working Americans. However, it means he probably forgot to cure his boneitis.

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