‘Suspiria’: Amazon Revealed the Gruesome First Footage from Luca Guadagnino’s Remake & The Reactions Are Intense

     April 26, 2018


Amazon Studios just debuted the first footage for their upcoming Suspiria remake at CinemaCon, and the social media reactions are the kind of crazy intense and profusely praising responses that drive hype and curiosity levels through the roof. Suspiria is one of my favorite movies of all time and Luca Guadagnino directed my favorite movie of 2017, so you would think my hype for the Guadagnino’s remake couldn’t have been higher, but you would be wrong.

From the sound of it, this movie is going to be absolutely brutal and very definitely fucked up in a way that honors the shocking experience of watching Dario Argento‘s classic, even if Guadagnino has no intention of mimicking its iconic style. The filmmaker has said he’s avoiding the primary color palette, describing the film as “cold, evil and really dark, and likewise, the Guadagnino recruited Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke to write an original score rather than attempting to redo Goblin’s revered soundtrack. If there’s one quality it seems Guadagnino wants to share with his inspiration, it’s graphic, disturbing violence.


Image via Sony Pictures Classics

The scene showed at CinemaCon showed featured Dakota Johnson dancing and twirling around a ballet studio for her demanding instructor (Tilda Swinton), intercut with scenes of another woman in that same studio at a different time who’s body is being contorted and mangled by every moment Johnson makes. Our friends over at Birth.Movies.Death were in the room for the screening, and they described a most gnarly-sounding scene. “Shrieking in pain, the dancer’s body was twisted and folded into a number of unnatural positions… Eventually, Johnson’s routine came to an end, and what was left in the other room was basically just a crumpled, leaking mess that used to be a human being.” YIKES. Gimme this movie now.

Check out all the oh-so-extra reactions to the footage below and feel your hype skyrocket in real time.






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