Swap ANY DVD You Have for a Warner Bros. Blu-ray

     October 27, 2010


Warner Bros’ “DVD2Blu” is currently running a cool limited time offer.  The site is offering customers the chance to trade any DVD they own (provided it’s not a bootleg and not porn) for a brand-new Warner Bros. Blu-ray (that’s listed on their site).  Normally, you can only upgrade a Warner Bros. DVD title you own for the Blu-ray version.

The only question is if it’s worth the cost.  For instance, let’s say I want to get rid of my DVD copy of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days which was totally a gift and in no way an impulse buy.  I can trade it for the Blu-ray 2001: A Space Odyssey plus $4.95 plus shipping.  With shipping but before taxes, the total comes out to $9.90.  If I were to order it from Amazon, the cost (before shipping) comes out to $11.49 and I would get to hold on to the DVD of the movie I would never watch.  This scenario is just a reminder to price-check before going in for this deal.  They definitely have some Blu-rays worth owning and I’m sure you have some DVDs that aren’t.  Click here to head over to DVD2Blu.com.


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