Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger EXPENDABLES On Set Report

     October 27, 2009


A few days ago we reported Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger filmed a scene together for “The Expendables”.  The filming took place at the Hollywood Presbyterian church and it’s towards the beginning of the film. I believe whatever happens in the scene is the set up for the movie. Anyway, thanks to the production blog, we can read a detailed description of what it was like on set. So if you’re curious, hit the jump:

The Expendables movie image Sylvester Stallone.jpgFor the full report, go to

I arrived at the location around 6:15am and Bruce and Sly were inside the church running lines.  Arnold pulled up about 20 minutes later – I walked to the set with him and watched as the 3 guys greeted each other with excitement and anticipation.  Pretty cool stuff.  Bruce looked amazing – very fit, beautiful bald head and that smirky smile.  Sly looked relaxed but definitely ready to put this puppy to bed.  Arnold had a stogie in his mouth, a giant watch on his arm and was constantly making jokes.  I introduced him to Daniel Bertorelli, Sly’s stand-in from Brazil who became part of The Expendables family – Arnold told him he was happy to meet someone else with an accent!

At 8:10am with three cameras rolling the biggest action icons of our time went to work.  I thought it was electric in Brazil when all of The Expendables stepped on set – but today was atomic!!!!  the whole crew was mesmerized as we watched the three of them play off of each other in a pivotal scene that sets up the whole movie.  And while I can’t/don’t want to give too much away I can tell you that Arnold’s character is Trench and Bruce is Church, the scene was shot in an empty church without extras and minimal set dec and it has tension and humor – what more can a girl ask for!  Sly was in top form as a director today and was in total command.  Bruce and Arnold were consummate professionals at all times – we got through the scene quickly without compromise.  In 6 hours we did wide shots, close-ups, turned around…the whole nine yards…pretty impressive.  Very Clint Eastwood.

The Expendables movie image Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham.jpgWith the EPK cameras rolling the three of them talked to me about working together for the first time and it is very funny…can’t wait to see that piece of footage land somewhere!  Karen Ballard also took some great shots – we are going to release a shot as soon as we go through the approval process which is why I am not posting anything today.  But I will have it posted as soon as we release it.

And then before you know it…it was over.  When Sly called wrap the crew spontaneously broke into applause while the three guys stood together for some photos.

I won’t have much to say about The Expendables until early May when we might be brewing up something very cool for Cannes.

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