RAMBO 5 On Hold as Sylvester Stallone Finishes EXPENDABLES 2; Isn’t Sure if Film Will Be UNFORGIVEN or “Passing of the Torch”

     February 10, 2012


While another entry in the Rambo franchise has been on Sylvester Stallone’s to-do list for quite some time, we haven’t heard much about the film in a while. It appears there’s a reason for that, as screenwriter Sean Hood recently took to Twitter to give a brief status update:

Rambo 5 on hold as Sly finishes Expendables 2. He hasn’t decided if R5 will be an Unforgiven or a “passing of the torch.”

Beyond Expendables 2, Stallone also has the highly anticipated Arnold Schwarzenegger team-up The Tomb on the docket, which is certainly a priority project. It’s nice to know that Rambo 5 isn’t dead, and I like the idea of an Unforgiven take. Maybe Stallone could blend a “passing of the torch” aspect in with the Unforgiven tone in order to kill two birds with one stone. Whatever the case, it appears we’ll all just have to sit tight a while longer for another Rambo. Hit the jump for more, including a recent photo of Stallone and Schwarzenegger in the hospital (yup).

I’m not the biggest fan of the Rambo franchise, but it’d be nice to see Stallone wrap things up on his terms. I think there’s definitely a future in the series with some “new blood” if done in a cool and interesting way. Stallone is 65 years old, which is getting up there for an action star. In fact, both he and Schwarzenegger needed surgery after filming The Expendables 2 and Schwarzenegger shared the photo on the interwebs. It’s pretty damn funny.


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