Sylvester Stallone suits up for RAMBO 5

     August 30, 2009

Sylvester Stallone Rambo movie image - slice (1).jpg

Critics shit all over the last “Rambo” film, criticizing its gratuitous use of gore and a lack of depth that made “First Blood” such an endearing character study.  I am not one of those people.  I thought, whether intentional or not, the almost comical level of violence and retread of the 80s “one vs. a million” genre of action films made it a rocking diversion that brought back what action junkies loved about the original trilogy (but obviously shared more of a resemblance to its sequels).  Well Rambos back, baby, and Stallone will again suit up for a fifth film in the series.  Synopsis and more after the jump.

john_rambo__sylvester_stallone__right__in_rambo_l.jpgRambo will once again go deep behind enemy lines to shoot up, cut up, and blow up one-dimensional baddies who serve as nothing but fodder for the series always-staggering body counts (“Rambo 4” alone boasts 236 dead bodies!).  This time Rambo is going after the Mexican drug cartels and human traffickers in an attempt to rescue an American girl kidnapped near the border.  I honestly couldn’t care less because the plot only serves to set up the impending bloodbath.

Stallone will be back writing, directing, and starring, and here’s hoping he knows what’s good for him and ups the ante.  We don’t go to “Rambo” movies for artistic integrity; we go to see John Rambo go back and win the war the government wouldn’t let him win.  Or something like that.

Stallone is currently in post-production for “The Expendables”, which he directed and stars in alongside Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham and Jet Li.  Expect “Rambo 5” (title is obviously subject to change) to begin production soon after “The Expendables” wraps.


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