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ALL IS LOST Blu-ray Review

     February 25, 2014

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When you’ve got Robert Redford starring in your movie, that’s really all you need.  Sure, having a talented cast is nice, and shooting in exotic, far-flung locales is a perk for everyone involved, but sometimes the best storytelling just comes …

Oscar Beat: Box Office, Best Picture, and GRAVITY

     October 19, 2013

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Though it’s only October, we’re already in the thick of awards season.  We’ve seen frontrunners emerge from the fall festival circuit, and now some of the year’s potential heavy hitters are starting to open in theaters, providing some hard data …


     October 18, 2013

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One of the many reasons The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is one of my favorite films is the opening.  There is no dialogue.  It’s a lesson in how much can be said without words and the skill of …