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     February 10, 2013

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Committing a crime for money makes sense to people.  But when someone pulls off an elaborate, astonishing crime for no monetary gain, it can be baffling.  Bart Layton‘s documentary The Imposter tells one of these such cases.  It’s a shocking, …

Exclusive Clip from the Thrilling Documentary THE IMPOSTER

     July 2, 2012

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One of the best films I saw at this year’s Sundance Film Festival was Bart Layton’s incredible documentary, The Imposter.  The movie heavily employs dramatic re-enactments to tell the bizarre true story of 23-year-old Frédéric Bourdin, who posed as Nicholas …

Sundance 2012: THE IMPOSTER Review

     January 29, 2012

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Never underestimate the power of a good dramatization.  The reenactment has taken on comic connotations due to its incompetent, lazy use on networks like The History Channel, but when used correctly, it can be an absolute powerhouse of documentary storytelling.  …