Tag: Capitalism: A Love Story


     March 10, 2010

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Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story could not be more timely.  With the country facing the worst recession it has seen in many people’s lifetimes, a general sense of negativity towards banks and Wall Street, and the highest unemployment rates …

Matt’s Worst 5 Films of 2009

     December 28, 2009

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I’m not a negative person, but it’s come to my attention that what I intend as mockery is interpreted as bitter disdain.  I just think a lot of things are funny and this is a job you can’t take too …

Trailer for Michael Moore’s CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY

     August 20, 2009

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You’ve seen this movie before. You saw it (or maybe you didn’t) when it was called “Roger and Me”, “Bowling for Columbine”,  “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Sicko”.  It’s the kind of film designed to rouse an already-infuriated choir and ignored by …

Is Michael Moore Done with Documentaries?

     August 3, 2009

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In an interview with the Detroit News Michael Moore, America’s favorite documentarian, hinted that he might be ready to get out of the controversy business.  While speaking about his upcoming October release, “Capitalism: A Love Story”, the director happened to …

And the Title for Michael Moore’s New Documentary Is…

     July 8, 2009

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Michael Moore is an expert showman despite his predictable appearance, methods, and positions.  He knows how to drum up interest in his films which will be controversial no matter what because conservatives love attacking him (although, as “Sicko” proved, they’re …