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Fox Sets Screenwriter Jack Stanley for CHRONICLE 2

     March 31, 2014

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It’s been almost a year since screenwriter Max Landis announced that a sequel to his 2012 superhero story Chronicle was moving forward without him.  News on the picture’s front has been quiet of late, but as of today we have …

Max Landis Talks about What He Would Have Done for CHRONICLE 2

     August 12, 2013

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There have been numerous films that have tried to play with the “superpowers in a realistic setting”, and Chronicle did it wonderfully.  A rare instance where the found-footage approach actually works combined with the authentic characters created a well-defined and …

Dave’s Top 10 Films of 2012

     December 26, 2012

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As most of our regular readers may have figured out from our quarterly “Most Anticipated” articles, my movie preferences heavily favor the genre films. I’m a fan of spectacle, big action, larger-than-life characters and borderline-ridiculous premises. I’m always happy to …