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BLUE VELVET Blu-ray Review

     November 20, 2011

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David Lynch’s 1986 film Blue Velvet is a masterpiece, one of the great achievements of cinema. But as the new Blu-ray suggests, making it involved getting the exact right balance of tone – 52 minutes of newly discovered deleted scenes …

Dennis Hopper Dead at 74

     May 29, 2010

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Actor Dennis Hopper passed away Saturday morning in his Venice, California home at the age of 74, after several years of struggle with prostate cancer. Hopper amassed a solid resume of television and film work throughout the fifties and sixties, …

George Romero’s SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD Review

     April 10, 2010

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“Survival isn’t just for the living.”  So says the tagline for Survival of the Dead, the most recent addition to George Romero’s zombie oeuvre. It’s a great premise. Romero effectively created the zombie genre with Night of the Living Dead …

WATERWORLD Blu-ray Review

     November 15, 2009

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Hollywood has figured something out, which is that even if you spend a shit-ton of money on a film, that in and of itself can attract an audience. It’s hard to look at the relative success of Waterworld at the …