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Hollywood! Adapt This: Disney’s GARGOYLES

     September 2, 2012

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We’re currently in a time when Hollywood seems more likely to revamp, reboot, remake or re-adapt an already established property than to take a chance on something wholly original.  Financially, this makes sense as the general public is already aware …


     December 13, 2010

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There are literally hundreds of Christmas films lingering on the shelves of video stores around the world. Most of them are junk – forgettable slapstick fare involving goofy people doing goofy things in the name of goofiness – yet every …

ALL-STAR SUPERMAN Cover Art and Info

     November 29, 2010

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While covering the panel for Batman: Under the Red Hood at Comic-Con, I stumbled upon the announcement that Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s highly praised All-Star Superman storyline would be made into a full-length animated feature. Now we have the …

UP Blu-ray Review

     November 9, 2009

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When talking about the latest Pixar, it’s easy to fall into superlatives. Really, there’s only one modestly bad apple, and that’s Cars. The other film singled out as less than is A Bug’s Life, but that’s a solid film in …