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ELYSIUM Blu-ray Review

     January 27, 2014

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Popular wisdom considers Elysium a sophomore slump: not bad, but not quite up to director Neil Blomkamp‘s extraordinary feature debut, District 9.  This new film is too preachy, they say.  Too obvious.  It wears its heart too loudly on its …

Visual Effects Supervisor Peter Muyzers Talks ELYSIUM, His Creative Partnership with Neill Blomkamp, CHAPPIE and More at…

     December 16, 2013

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Out on Blu-ray December 17th is Elysium, Neill Blomkamp’s sophomore film about class disparity in a bleak futuristic vision of Earth. While the film boasts an impressive cast including Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Diego Luna, William Fitchner and Alice Braga it’s the tremendous special effects that ended up stealing the …