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Hollywood! Adapt This: TEEN TITANS

     April 20, 2014

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DC Comics’ television properties that skew towards a younger demographic have done quite well over the years.  Smallville enjoyed a decade on the air before passing the baton to the the relatively new series Arrow.  Spinning off of that show’s success, …

Hollywood! Adapt This: DARKSTALKERS

     April 13, 2014

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Hopefully you caught our exclusive premiere of the Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist teaser trailer and images just a couple of days ago. (If not, what are you waiting for?)  It got me to thinking that Hollywood! Adapt This! should take …

Hollywood! Adapt This: ANTIQUES ROADSHOW

     March 16, 2014

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Yeah, this is a weird one, but stick with me and it’ll (hopefully) make sense before long.  Normally on Hollywood! Adapt This! we stick to nostalgic properties from yesteryear that are in need of a contemporary reboot, fantastic fiction that …

Hollywood! Adapt This: NIGHT COURT

     March 2, 2014

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Full disclosure: I spent the better part of last Thursday night attending night court for a traffic violation.  As you might have expected, the experience was an efficient, competent, and streamlined process (right).  New technology has been introduced (such as …

Hollywood! Adapt This: THE GHOST ARMY

     January 5, 2014

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George Clooney’s The Monuments Men, opening February 7th, follows a group of men tasked with saving priceless works of art from the Nazis during World War II; an unusual but intriguing facet of the war that’s often overlooked.  Today’s “Hollywood! …

Hollywood! Adapt This: SHINING FORCE

     December 22, 2013

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Love them or hate them, we’re living in an interesting era of Hollywood adaptations of popular properties.  Like I mentioned on last week’s installment of Hollywood! Adapt This!, adaptations are not being limited to one-off movies, but rather a newly …

Hollywood! Adapt This: PLASTIC MAN

     December 15, 2013

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  Hollywood continues to adapt properties left and right, so even though Hollywood! Adapt This has been on a bit of a hiatus lately, it’s back to help point big-wig producers in the right direction.  As comic book properties continue to be …

Hollywood! Adapt This: THEM!

     October 27, 2013

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Hollywood horror has been all about sequels for the last 30-odd years, from the slasher films of Friday the 13th, Halloween, Child’s Play and Nightmare on Elm Street, to the modern micro-budget franchise model of Saw, Paranormal Activity and Insidious. …