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I AM NUMBER FOUR Blu-ray Review

     June 9, 2011

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There are filmmakers without much personal style or perceptible storytelling interests. Not every director is an auteur – nor should directors be harshly judged for simply delivering something that’s just entertaining (entertaining is hard enough) – but director D.J. Caruso …

Kevin Durand Exclusive Interview I AM NUMBER FOUR

     February 23, 2011

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In the action thriller I Am Number Four, directed by D.J. Caruso and currently in theaters, actor Kevin Durand plays the imposing commander of the Mogadorian army that is in pursuit of the nine Lorien teenagers who have escaped their …


     February 18, 2011

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If you wanted to make Twilight but without the personality, you would have a film akin to the cynical cash-grab that is I Am Number Four.  Sure, Twilight‘s personality is creepy and misogynistic, but it’s genuinely offering something to a …