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Best Worst Movies of 2014

     December 28, 2014


It’d be nice if most movies could live up to Selma, Birdman, Boyhood and other Oscar hopefuls’ standards, but every now and then, you just need a good bad movie.  It could be a film that’s such an utter failure …

I, FRANKENSTEIN Blu-ray Review

     July 10, 2014

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Let’s talk bad movies for a while, for regardless of what its few defenders maintain, I, Frankenstein is resolutely bad. It was apparently assembled out of scenes cut from the Underworld movies: spliced together much like the monster at its …


     January 15, 2014

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With director Stuart Beattie’s fantasy action flick, I, Frankenstein, opening January 24th, we’ve been provided with some movie related swag to giveaway to two of our readers.  In the brand new take on the Mary Shelley classic, the iconic creation finds …