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Indie Spotlight: Live-Action Fan-Made AKIRA Project

     May 10, 2014

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Hollywood has been taking their sweet time with a live-action adaptation of Akira, but this first look at the work from a group of passionate fans suggests we might not need the “professional” version after all.  Normally on our Indie …

Indie Spotlight: Phil Tippett’s MAD GOD (Part 2)

     May 3, 2014

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On Indie Spotlight, it’s my intention to raise awareness of some otherwise overlooked projects, be they charitable works like last week’s Beer. Autism. Hope. campaign, or independent passion projects from some real masters of their craft.  Today’s installment is an …

Indie Spotlight: BEER. AUTISM. HOPE.

     April 27, 2014

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Perhaps Homer Simpson said it best: “To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems!”  In regards to today’s Indie Spotlight, the latter is most certainly true.  The Beer. Autism. Hope. project is an independent documentary from …

Indie Spotlight: CHILD EATER

     April 5, 2014

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I love spreading the word about horror films great and small, but I especially enjoy getting in on the ground level of some truly independent productions.  Today’s Indie Spotlight is the best of both worlds.  Child Eater, a horror short …

Indie Spotlight: SPOOK TRAIN 3D

     March 22, 2014

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If you like stop-motion animation and claymation movies, but wish that they came in the flavor of bloody, adult horror features, then you’re going to like today’s Indie Spotlight.  From Lee Hardcastle, the director “T is for Toilet” from The …