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R.I.P. James Rebhorn (1948 – 2014)

     March 23, 2014

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Sad news to report today as character actor James Rebhorn has died at the age of 65.  Rebhorn was best known as a character actor who had roles in over 100 films and TV series including Independence Day, Scent of …

New Poster for Mike Birbiglia’s SLEEPWALK WITH ME

     June 27, 2012

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Fans of stand-up comedian Mike Birbiglia (Cedar Rapids) and This American Life host Ira Glass will want to check out Sleepwalk with Me when it debuts later this summer.  The film, co-written and co-directed by Birbiglia, follows a struggling stand-up …


     October 7, 2011

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The greatest achievement in Shawn Levy’s Real Steel is building the world of robot boxing.  The term “robot boxing” sounds incredibly stupid when you hear it and flashes of Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots and the failed TV show Battlebots …

THE BOX Blu-ray Review

     March 17, 2010

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Richard Kelly made a great name for himself with Donnie Darko, but his follow up films show a great visual talent, and someone who gets easily lost in his own ideas. The Box is no exception, though it’s tighter and …