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FRINGE Season Two Blu-ray Review

     October 12, 2010

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After almost giving up  on JJ Abrams’ Fringe after a borderline-mundane first season, I sat down with season two of the series to see if it had improved.  There wasn’t anything wrong with season one, per se, it just didn’t …

FRINGE Gets a Third Season

     March 6, 2010

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If you’re a fan of Fringe, you’ll be happy to know Fox has picked it up for a third season.  EW is reporting the news and I can confirm it.  While the show doesn’t get huge numbers on Thursday nights …

FRINGE Season One Blu-Ray Review

     September 8, 2009

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A dashing eccentric man with swagger and charm.  A buttoned-down female agent.  Sound familiar?  Let’s face it, it’s a formula that works in science fiction television and Fringe employs it wonderfully.  But can this series fill the void left in …