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BACHELOR PARTY TV Series in the Works for ABC

     October 21, 2014


The film-to-TV trend continues with the 1984 comedy Bachelor Party.  Tom Hanks starred as the husband-to-be who has to survive the ultimate bachelor party while staying faithful to his fiancée.  This new rendition is only loosely based on the original …

1600 PENN Series Premiere Preview

     January 10, 2013

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I’ll admit I was biased against the NBC’s new White House sitcom 1600 Penn, about a “dysfunctional First Family,” after I saw the terrible, terrible, parody-esque bump the network made for it (seriously, isn’t that the same style/music 30 Rock uses to make …


     April 8, 2011

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Just as surely as rain makes things wet, Arthur will make you laugh. Yet the film never justifies its existence—remake or not. Hollywood is determined to make Russell Brand a comedic lead, but simply placing his acquired comedic sensibilities in …

Director Jason Winer Exclusive Interview ARTHUR

     April 4, 2011

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In the new modern version of Arthur, Russell Brand reinvents the role of loveable billionaire Arthur Bach, a perpetual child who relies on his charm and limitless fortune to get by in life. His lifelong nanny and only true friend, …