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Watch 4 Minutes of GREEN LANTERN Footage

     April 2, 2011

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Warner Bros. has released four minutes of the Green Lantern footage they recently debuted at CinemaCon and WonderCon.  The clip provides a long look at the on-screen Oa, and I really like what I see.  It’s a geometrically crazy world …


     November 17, 2010

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As most of you are aware, the first trailer for director Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern hit the net yesterday.  You can watch it here and we also posted over 40 high resolution screen grabs from the trailer.  The other thing …


     November 16, 2010

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A few days ago, we posted Entertainment Tonight’s Green Lantern teaser as part of their special about director Martin Campbell’s much-anticipated take on the popular DC Comics classic. Well, fans rejoice: the full trailer has just been released.  Starring a …