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     July 7, 2014

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The problem with alternative comedy cuts is fairly self-evident: they’re made up of footage deemed less than what was actually released. Thus by their very make-up, they are less funny than whatever original preferred version preceded them.  Bad Grandpa .5 …

BAD GRANDPA Blu-ray Review

     February 11, 2014

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When Ryan Dunn passed away, it meant there was a hole in the heart of the Jackass crew, and likely spelled the end of the group’s feature film work.  To sidestep that tragedy, Johnny Knoxville took a character from those …

Paramount Planning JACKASS 4: BAD GRANDPA?

     June 7, 2012

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It appears that another Jackass film is on the way, but with a possible twist.  Per Paramount has been registering domain names for titles like “jackass4movie.com”, “badgrandpamovie.com”, and “jackass4badgrandpa.com”, suggesting that a fourth entry in the Jackass franchise is in …