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Chloe Moretz in Talks for Karyn Kusama’s THE RUT

     July 29, 2010

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Looking to recover from the critical and commercial failure of Jennifer’s Body, director Karyn Kusama is moving in a new direction with her next project, The Rut.  According to 24 Frames, the plot revolves around “a father-daughter relationship and centers …

JENNIFER’S BODY Blu-ray Review

     January 13, 2010

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Cinema has long been the province of men on the creative side of things. Though much is made of Katherine Bigelow this year, she and directors like Karyn Kusama are a rarity, and still represent only a small handful of …

Diablo Cody to Attend SWEET VALLEY HIGH

     September 22, 2009

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I maintain that “Jennifer’s Body” wasn’t the fault of screenwriter Diablo Cody but rather a mismatch between Cody and director Karyn Kusama where it seemed like one wanted to make an ode-to-“Heathers” and the other wanted to make a straight …