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HBO Cancels LUCK after Third Horse Death

     March 14, 2012

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HBO has canceled David Milch and Michael Mann‘s horse-racing drama Luck after the third death of a horse this season.  The show had been picked up for a second season and filming was underway, but on Tuesday a horse was …

HBO Renews LUCK For Second Season

     January 31, 2012

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The official premiere of Luck just aired this past weekend on Sunday night, but HBO is already so pleased with the series that the cable network announced today that a second season has already been ordered. Director Michael Mann and …

Teaser Trailer for HBO’s LUCK Starring Dustin Hoffman

     September 26, 2011

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HBO has released a new trailer for David Milch and Michael Mann’s upcoming horse-gambling drama Luck.  If Milch (Deadwood) and Mann (Heat) didn’t already get you excited for the show, here’s the cast: Dustin Hoffman, Nick Nolte, Dennis Farina, John …

W. Earl Brown Interview BLOODWORTH

     May 21, 2011

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In the independent drama Bloodworth, E.F. Bloodworth (Kris Kristofferson) returns home to Tennessee to find the wife he walked out on (Frances Conroy) withered and faded, and his three sons – Warren (Val Kilmer), Boyd (Dwight Yoakam) and Brady (W. …