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CAPTAIN AMERICA (1990) Blu-ray Review

     May 22, 2013

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Hero Steve Rogers, a.k.a Captain America, can use his peak human powers to battle the forces of evil, but even he is no match for plot holes, budget constraints, and downright silly story choices. The 1990 Captain America film directed …

DELIVERANCE 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

     July 26, 2012

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Deliverance is one of the seminal films of the 70’s – though its influence seems mostly on the horror genre. It’s hard to imagine films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Wrong Turn without it. Four friends, played by Jon …

First Trailer RAMPART Starring Woody Harrelson

     November 18, 2011

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I’ve been hearing about the cop drama Rampart for quite a while now, specifically Woody Harrelson’s performance in the film. The first trailer has now been released, and Harrelson does indeed look to be delivering one hell of a performance. …


     October 9, 2011

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For years now, we’ve been hearing about two Marvel movies that (almost) never saw the light of day: The Fantastic Four and Captain America, two ill-conceived and terribly shot pieces of cinematic crap whose collective awfulness was so legendary, it …

RANGO Review

     March 4, 2011

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As a general rule, animated films are family films.  The cost of animation is simply too high for a studio to invest in anything other than the lowest-common denominator fare.  It’s rare that any studio other than Pixar will craft …

TOY STORY 3 Blu-ray Review

     October 29, 2010

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Every filmmaker stumbles from time to time. Even the greats like Hitchcock and Kubrick have a few boners in their pantheon, along with other movies that do the job and not much more. Part of the ballyhoo over Pixar stems …

First Trailer for Gore Verbinski’s RANGO

     June 29, 2010

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Yesterday, we posted the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas inspired teaser poster for the Gore Verbinski animated-film Rango and Jake talked about his post-production tour. Today, we have more Rango news to bring you as the first full-length trailer …