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Chris Hemsworth Offered Lead Role in AMERICAN ASSASSIN

     October 10, 2012

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It looks like CBS Films has found their terrorist hunter in Chris Hemsworth (Thor) for American Assassin.  Hemsworth would be playing Mitch Rapp, a college scholar and athlete who becomes a relentless anti-terrorism agent for the CIA as a result …

Jay Basu Casts MERLIN into “Contemporary Setting”

     November 10, 2010

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Merlin is in the upper echelon of fictional wizards* along with Gandalf, Harry Potter, and the The Great and Powerful Oz.  Having first appeared in Arthurian legend in 1136, Merlin predates them all, but arguably lacks the definitive on-screen portrayal …

Stephanie Meyer’s THE HOST Latches on to Producers

     September 22, 2009

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Fun fact: Stephanie Meyer, author of novel/film sensation “Twilight,” has actually written a book for adults! It’s called “The Host,” and has just been picked up by producers Nick Wechsler, Steve Schwartz, and Paula Mae Schwartz. Wechsler and the Schwartzes …