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Vince Vaughn to Star in Action-Thriller TRIPLE TIME

     October 31, 2012

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Vince Vaughn is looking to step outside the box a bit.  Variety reports that Vaughn has signed on to star in the action-thriller Triple Time.  Vaughn will play a broke U.S. Marshall “who’s tasked with escorting a prisoner accused of …

Vince Vaughn and CBS Developing BRADY BUNCH Reboot

     July 31, 2012

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America’s favorite perpetually happy family may be returning to a living room near you.  CBS is developing a reboot of The Brady Bunch alongside Vince Vaughn, with an eye towards creating a revamped, multi-camera comedy iteration of the classic comedy series.  …

Kimberly Peirce to Direct WICKED LOVELY

     September 23, 2010

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Director Kimberly Peirce (Stop-Loss) is set to direct the adaptation of Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely.  Although the title may lead you to believe that the film is about stuff people in New England really approve of, the story “follows a …