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     February 12, 2010

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Disney Animation Studios is getting a bit clever with the title for the next film as Producer Roy Conli has announced [via Facebook] that their 2010 film will no longer be called Rapunzel and will now be known as Tangled.  …

New Image from Disney’s RAPUNZEL

     December 30, 2009

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By this time next year, you’ll be seeing Disney’s take on the old German fairy tale Rapunzel in theaters, but for now you can analyze this new image from the film. Walt Disney Animation studios promises that with Rapunzel, “you …

New Image from Disney’s Upcoming Animated Film RAPUNZEL

     July 21, 2009

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A new image from Disney’s upcoming 3D computer-animated film “Rapunzel” has just landed online.  That’s right: computer-animated.  Even though the image above appears-hand drawn, it’s non-photorealistic rendering technique so the surface looks like it’s painted but there’s still the depth …