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RAY DONOVAN Season Two Finale Recap: “The Captain”

     September 28, 2014


What a strange, rushed, and very open-ended finale for Ray Donovan‘s second season, written by departing show runner (and series creator) Ann Biderman.  “The Captain” was an odd way to end things, and didn’t feel at all like a goodbye …

RAY DONOVAN Recap: “Rodef”

     September 21, 2014


As has been Ray Donovan‘s trajectory all season, Ray’s attempts to manage his family — even under the guise of protecting them — have finally unravelled completely.  Though he spent much of “Rodef” covering his bases with Ezra, Abby, Avi, …

RAY DONOVAN Recap: “Volcheck”

     September 14, 2014

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So much of Ray Donovan this season has hinted at possible catharsis for Ray, and what the consequences are the longer he denies his past.  “Volcheck” was about that, but even more generally about fear.  Ray fears confronting his past, …

RAY DONOVAN Recap: “Snowflake”

     September 7, 2014

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Though Ray Donovan‘s “Snowflake” was largely focused on the fallout from “Sunny’s” brutal murders, it was also still about the show’s central theme of how Ray, and what he does, affects his family.  As Detective Halloran tells him (after Ray …

RAY DONOVAN Recap: “Sunny”

     August 31, 2014

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The best laid plans of Ray and kin often go astray.  The overarching irony of Ray Donovan is that for a fixer, Ray isn’t very good when it comes to his own family.  The truth about him laundering money through …

RAY DONOVAN Recap: “Walk This Way”

     August 24, 2014

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The Donovan clan, who have been living very separate lives this season, were all forced under one roof in “Walk This Way.”  The results were, predictably, a disaster.  But, “Conor wanted the family; Conor got the family.”  In many ways, …

RAY DONOVAN Recap: “Viagra”

     August 17, 2014

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Ray Donovan is rarely cryptic with its episode titles, and “Viagra” was no exception.  It was an hour devoted to sex, and about the complications of sex, for everyone.  As Ray and Abby continue to struggle through their relationship, Terry …

RAY DONOVAN Recap: “Irish Spring”

     August 10, 2014

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If there was one thing Ray Donovan really needed to upgrade in its second season, it was humor.  What keeps a dark and violent show from getting too dark are things like a well-placed look, or turn of phrase, or …


     August 3, 2014

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No matter what happens on Ray Donovan, things always come back to family.  The definition of family, and relationships among family members, have been driving forces on the show since the beginning.  “S U C K” was also about drawing lines, …

RAY DONOVAN Recap: “Gem & Loan”

     July 27, 2014

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In “Gem & Loan,” Ray Donovan explored partnerships and alliances.  It also created a partnership, for this hour at least, between two of its more disparate parts: the family drama and Ray as a fixer.  Ray Donovan is at its best when Ray’s job …