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FANTASTIC FEST 2011 Recap and Awards Roundup

     September 30, 2011

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Well, folks, it’s over:  another year, another week-long cavalcade of awesome at Fantastic Fest.  This year’s lineup included some big name movies (Melancholia, Take Shelter), some smaller ones (You’re Next, Extraterrestrial), and some complete unknowns (Zombie Ass, A Boy and …

ROCK JOCKS Teaser Poster

     March 30, 2011

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Currently filming in downtown Los Angeles is Rock Jocks.  Starring Felicia Day, Jason Mewes, Justin Chon, Doug Jones, Robert Picardo and YouTube superstar KevJumba (Kevin Wu), the film is a sci-fi comedy about a top-secret band of dysfunctional government employees responsible for shooting down …

JUSTIFIED: Season One Blu-ray Review

     February 5, 2011

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Timothy Olyphant is a movie star, but only on television. Sadly, between Deadwood and Justified, he’s also one of the only actors today who’s a credible cowboy, having spent three years playing an old west lawman on Deadwood, and now …