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SCANDAL Recap: “Where the Sun Don’t Shine”

     November 21, 2014


Last week on Twitter, Kerry Washington promised that Scandal‘s holiday-break finale would be “bananas.”  “Where the Sun Don’t Shine,” though, was also a kind of recap of the entire season so far, boiled down into one hour.  There were some …

SCANDAL Recap: “The Last Supper”

     November 13, 2014


Scandal was full of twists and turns and unholy alliances in “The Last Supper,” the most worrying of which is that Rowan appears to have his own private sniper squad.  Though Olivia, Fitz, David Rosen, and others may be masters …

SCANDAL Recap: “Baby Made a Mess”

     November 6, 2014


In “Baby Made a Mess,” Scandal Pope’d us all — and it felt so good.  Everyone, particularly the ladies, are back on track.  Olivia did some old-school gladiating, while Abby dealt with her past head-on.  Even Mellie is back from …

SCANDAL Recap: “An Innocent Man”

     October 30, 2014


Scandal‘s “An Innocent Man” focused on trust, and how easily the truth can be manipulated.  Olivia isn’t sure who to trust, but at least she knows better than to trust her father (something Fitz still can’t seem to figure out).  …

SCANDAL Recap: “The Key”

     October 23, 2014


In Scandal‘s “The Key,” Olivia is ready to get her expensive pants dirty, and find out what’s really going on with Jake, who has seemingly disappeared.  Yet at first, despite being Olivia Pope, no one will return her phone calls …

SCANDAL Recap: “Like Father, Like Daughter”

     October 17, 2014


Important question for Scandal watchers: is there anyone who still wants Fitz and Olivia together, besides Fitz?  We know it’s all he has left, as he has failed “as a father, as a husband, and as a man” (in his words — …

SCANDAL Recap: “Inside the Bubble”

     October 9, 2014


With “Inside the Bubble,” Scandal began laying the groundwork for the season’s biggest arcs, including another round of battles between Rowan and Jake, as well as an attempt to take down Cyrus from the inside (of his throat, apparently).  The …

SCANDAL Recap: “The State of the Union”

     October 2, 2014


For a little while, Scandal‘s “The State of the Union” felt kind of like old-school OPA.  Sure, it was only Huck and Quinn in the OPA War Room putting up glossy photos and freestyin’ their clients’ history, but this Case …