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MTV Not Renewing SKINS for Second Season

     June 9, 2011

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Though the network made a valiant effort to capture the same magic that made the British import series Skins a success here in the United States, today Deadline reports  MTV has decided that it will not renew the steamy teen …

Sofia Black-D’Elia Exclusive Interview SKINS

     January 24, 2011

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On the controversial MTV television series Skins, actress Sofia Black-D’Elia plays Tea, the 16-year-old, openly gay cheerleader who is as big a mystery to herself as she is everyone else. This wild card is as beautiful and confident as they …

SKINS Series Premiere Review

     January 15, 2011

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The pilot of Skins US is virtually the same as the first episode of Skins UK.  Beat by rambunctious beat.  But the opening scene is slightly altered for MTV.  In Skins UK, we are introduced to Tony in bed before …