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MACHETE Blu-ray Review

     January 18, 2011

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The film Grindhouse included a number of fake trailers for (mostly) awesome looking movies. At that time, Robert Rodriguez’s trailer for the then imaginary film “Machete” offered a lot of awesome images of asskickery, but what made it great was …


     September 3, 2010

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Robert Rodriguez’ Machete could use some serious cuts.  Despite adopting the tone of a lean, mean exploitation flick, the film feels flabby and is burdened with too many characters and a convoluted plotline that reduces the screen-time of its Mexploitation …

4 Movie Clips from MACHETE

     August 21, 2010

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One of the highlights of 2007’s Grindhouse was the fake trailer for Machete.  Shortly after the film got released, Robert Rodriguez’ started  talking about turning the trailer into a feature film with Danny Trejo reprising the role of Machete – …

New Red Band Trailer for MACHETE

     July 23, 2010

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20th Century Fox has unveiled a new red band trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, and it depicts just as much debauchery as you’ve come to expect the revenge flick.  Danny Trejo stars, with a crazy supporting cast of Steven Seagal, …


     June 25, 2010

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Showgirls has attained the cult status that it was always destined for, fifteen years after release. It is rightly infamous. Elizabeth Berkley’s performance as Nomi, the dancer who’s not a stripper, has inspired thousands to re-watch the film over and …

First Look at Tom Savini in MACHETE

     October 9, 2009

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The first images of horror icon Tom Savini in “Machete” have hit the net. If you don’t know who Savini is, click here. His resume is kind of insane. Anyhow, Savini is only one part of the eclectic cast which …