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Netflix’s Plan to Revive TERRA NOVA Goes Extinct

     March 26, 2012

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After Fox officially canceled Terra Nova at the end of its first and only season, fans of the prehistoric sci-fi adventure series got a brief glimmer of hope when it was announced that Netflix had an interest in picking the …

Netflix in Talks to Revive TERRA NOVA

     March 7, 2012

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Reports on the cancellation of Terra Nova came with the requisite noise of the studio (20th Century Fox Television in this case) shopping it around to other networks.  I scoffed, because Terra Nova was a very expensive production that did …

New Posters for THE GOOD WIFE and TERRA NOVA

     August 2, 2011

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As the new television season looms closer, the marketing machine is starting to pick up steam. A couple new posters promoting the return of The Good Wife and the premiere of Terra Nova have just debuted. One is pretty damn …