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THE AFFAIR Season One Finale Recap: “10”

     December 21, 2014


All season, The Affair has ridden a dark, moody, emotional wave, intertwining Noah and Alison’s stories of not just the carefree days of a summer fling, but of the harsh, cold reality of what it has meant for them and …

THE AFFAIR Recap: “9”

     December 14, 2014


The Affair is trying to break us.  That’s been it’s point all along, right?  To emotionally devastate viewers so intensely that it’s impossible to bounce back?  The show has always been heavy.  It’s has portrayed difficult themes with an unflinching …

THE AFFAIR Recap: “8”

     December 7, 2014


After its holiday break, The Affair returned with yet another difficult and deeply emotional episode.  But, it also showed how much more there is to explore within The Affair’s world, even outside of the murder (which has always felt tangential, …

THE AFFAIR Recap: “7”

     November 23, 2014


In “7,” The Affair (both proper noun and otherwise) had a reckoning.  As I’ve noted all season, one of the things that makes The Affair so engaging, but also so difficult, is how real and natural its dialogue can feel.  The fights and confrontations …

THE AFFAIR Recap: “6”

     November 16, 2014


Things took a hard turn in The Affair‘s “6,” as Noah (and viewers) discovered some new things about the Lockharts and their business interests.  The recollections also differed wildly again, and there was no present day perspective given.  While in …

THE AFFAIR Recap: “5”

     November 9, 2014


Last week, in “4,” The Affair tinkered with its structure slightly by not replaying the events of the episode through the lens of both characters (for the most part).  It showed a growing cohesion in their recollections, that things maybe weren’t so …

THE AFFAIR Recap: “4”

     November 2, 2014


In The Affair‘s fourth episode, it stopped beating around the bush.  The certainty of Noah and Alison’s romance needed a place to bloom, and they found it one afternoon on Block Island.  There are no more distractions here (minus one person …

THE AFFAIR Recap: “3”

     October 26, 2014


In The Affair‘s third episode, the show laid out its own premise through Noah’s novel (which is, of course, doing it’s own life/art, art/life thing).  Noah meets with Bruce’s literary agent, and tells him his new novel is about “the …

THE AFFAIR Recap: “2”

     October 19, 2014


After a lot of critical fanfare for its pilot (and despite some awful trailers on Showtime), The Affair needed to prove that it had staying power.  Until this week, (and somewhat unusually), only that first episode had been available in advance for …

THE AFFAIR Series Premiere Recap: “Pilot”

     October 12, 2014


Showtime is known for having great ideas for series.  Dexter, Weeds, Nurse Jackie, The Borgias; all of these started off as quirky, creative offerings that helped distinguish Showtime from its premium rivals.  But the network also can have a problem …