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The Road to Oscar: Best Supporting Actress

     February 19, 2013

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With the 85th Academy Awards looming closer, we here at Collider thought now would be a good time to take a look back at Oscar race thus far.  It’s been a wild and somewhat nutty 12 months, as we’ve seen …

THE PAPERBOY Blu-ray Review

     January 9, 2013

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Love him or loathe him, you’ve got to admit that filmmaker Lee Daniels has some stones on him.  His schlock in sheep’s clothing Precious garnered tremendous acclaim and award nominations.  It also must’ve persuaded actors to wanna work with him …

Four Character Posters for Lee Daniels’ THE PAPERBOY

     October 4, 2012

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Four Canadian character posters have been released for Lee Daniels‘ The Paperboy.  The film is about a reporter (Matthew McConaughey) and his younger brother (Zac Efron) working with a nymphomaniac (Nicole Kidman) to free her beloved felon (John Cusack).  It’s …


     September 12, 2012

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Lee Daniels‘ The Paperboy technically has a plot.  It’s an idiotic, rambling plot that has no level of cohesion or momentum whatsoever, but it’s a story that chronologically follows from “A” to “B”.  Lee Daniels’ The Paperboy has characters.  They’re …