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TRUE DETECTIVE Season Finale Recap: “Form and Void”

     March 9, 2014

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True Detective‘s finale should have proven, without a doubt, the narrative benefits of a limited series.  “Form and Void,” like almost everything about the series, illustrated a singularity of vision that has come to define True Detective.  It was also …

TRUE DETECTIVE Recap: “After You’ve Gone”

     March 2, 2014

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What’s so interesting about True Detective‘s penultimate episode “After You’ve Gone” is — in terms of the case — not what it revealed, but what it held back.  Often, the penultimate hour is when the real shit goes down (so …

TRUE DETECTIVE Recap: “Haunted Houses”

     February 23, 2014

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There was a lot of discussion after last week’s episode about what kind of show True Detective really is.  Some felt kind of duped into believing it was a cop drama, before getting drawn into what has become an emotional …

TRUE DETECTIVE Recap: “The Secret Fate of All Life”

     February 16, 2014

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After last week’s intensive and mesmerizing episode (that unbroken shot … that unbroken shot!), True Detective kept firing on all cylinders in “The Secret Fate Of All Life,” revealing something most had already guessed, and something a little surprising.  The …

TRUE DETECTIVE Recap: “Who Goes There”

     February 9, 2014

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In its fourth episode, True Detective showed a whole new side to itself.  Not only was the rhythm of the episode frantic instead of languid, but both Martin and Rust were in extreme turmoil.  And, for the first time, Rust …

TRUE DETECTIVE Recap: “The Locked Room”

     January 26, 2014

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True Detective continued its layered, multifaceted and novelistic storytelling this week in such a way that almost lends itself to wanting to stop here, and binge the entire season at the end.  The show’s languid pace is always offset by …

TRUE DETECTIVE Recap: “Seeing Things”

     January 19, 2014

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Another haunting, lyrical hour of True Detective this week, where we learned a little more about the unfortunately departed Dorie, but also dug deeper into Rust and Martin’s lives.  It’s incredible the amount of storytelling that True Detective has already done in these two …