Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace Talk TAKEN 3, Lenore’s Demise, Their Own “Special Set of Skills,” HEMLOCK GROVE Season 3 and More

     January 8, 2015


The women of Taken haven’t had it easy over the years.  First, Kim (Maggie Grace) was taken by an Albanian human trafficking ring, then Bryan (Liam Neeson) and Lenore (Famke Janssen) were taken by an Albanian gang out for revenge and now, in Taken 3, Lenore is killed and Bryan is framed for her murder.  Fearing Kim could be next, Bryan goes on the run and takes it upon himself to find out who did it.

Just before Taken 3’s January 9th release, I got to sit down with Janssen and Grace to talk about making what’s said to be the final film of the series.  We touched on Janssen’s first reaction to the script, Olivier Megaton as an actor’s director, the “special set of skills” they learned while making the Taken movies that they can now bring with them to future films, what’s to come for Olivia on Hemlock Grove season 3 and more.  Catch it all in the video interview after the jump.

Famke Janssen & Maggie Grace:

  • Janssen’s first reaction to the script.
  • Grace on her more emotional material in the film.
  • Olivier Megaton as an actor’s director.
  • The “special set of skills” they picked up on the Taken movies that they can now use on future films.
  • Janssen on what’s coming up for Olivia on the third season of Hemlock Grove and the possibility of doing more Olivia flashbacks.


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