First Frightening Glimpse at TNT’s ‘Tales from the Crypt’ Reboot from M. Night Shyamalan [Updated]

     February 21, 2017


[Update: This video was an old teaser made almost a year ago for internal review, so we’ve been asked to remove it. Sorry if you missed it.]

It’s been almost a year since we last heard news of TNT’s planned reboot of the iconic horror anthology series, Tales from the Crypt, but that’s changed as of today. Two new videos remind us that the show is still in the works and that it looks to keep the spirit of the original series. Previously, the plan was to air weekly, two-hour blocks of genre programming that would include short segments and long-form storytelling, all of which were curated by host (and horror guru) M. Night ShyamalanTales from the Crypt would be the big draw alongside programming with the working titles of Time of Death and Creatures.

Thanks to BC for gathering up TNT’s promo videos for Tales from the Crypt, which include both a preview of an on-air look at the series and a featurette with Shyamalan himself. Hopefully we’ll see Shyamalan, Tales from the Crypt, and the Cryptkeeper when the 10-episode anthology series debuts sometime later this year. [Update: We’ll have new information for you once it becomes available.]

Now that you know that Tales from the Crypt looks to be on track, here’s a reminder of what the horror block’s other programming is all about:

Time of Death is planned as an anthology of season-long horror tales that unfold in real time – each one taking viewers hour-by-hour through a single “long night of hell.” The first season will follow a murderous psychopath who returns to his Midwestern hometown during the annual county fair to exact revenge on a community he believes destroyed his life.


Another Tales project now in development is Creatures, a sophisticated psychological thriller that tells the disturbing tale of two former best friends who, at 12 years old, tried to cut out their classmate’s heart as a sacrifice to an internet bogeyman they invented called Mr. Gorgi. Fifteen years later, the two young women have been released from a psychiatric institute into their small town in Alaska, but it’s not long before they start to feel the alluring and terrifying presence of Mr. Gorgi once again. Creatures is a story of deep friendship and dark obsession, where a vivid imagination meets the power of suggestion and the seduction of belief.