Taron Egerton Says ‘Robin Hood: Origins’ Is “an Anti-Establishment War Movie”; Teases ‘Kingsman 2’

     December 12, 2016


Taron Egerton broke out in a big way with his turn in Kingsman: The Secret Service, and the actor followed that up with a swell but very different turn in Eddie the Eagle. But now, he’s gearing up to lead another potential franchise-starter, and it sounds like yet another departure.

Egerton is getting ready to start shooting Robin Hood: Origins next month in Hungary, so when Collider’s own Steve Weintraub spoke with the actor in anticipation of the release of the animated film Sing (in which he has a lead voice role), the conversation also touched on the Robin Hood retelling. The project has been described as taking a Batman Begins approach to the Robin Hood story, and indeed Egerton teased that this is very different from any Robin Hood you’ve seen before:

“It’s a real reimagining; it’s not really very recognizable as Robin Hood. Robin Hood has a reputation for being quite clean and wholesome, aside from Alan Rickman’s amazing performance in the Kevin Costner version, but it’s tights and thigh-slapping and merry men. This is really kind of dark and gritty and very funny too, but it’s a real revisionist version of the story. There’s no singing and riding through the glen in this; it’s a real war movie. Quite an anti-establishment war movie, I would say… It’s dark. And Robin’s not perfect in it, either, which is what I like about it. He’s not a classic hero, he makes mistakes.”


Image via 20th Century Fox

This sounds a bit like Ridley Scott’s take on the Robin Hood myth, the 2010 film Robin Hood, as that also took a gritty, war-like approach to the story. Origins, however, clearly has a much younger Robin Hood at heart, so it’ll be interesting to see how it comes together.

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