Taylor Kitsch on ‘American Assassin’, the Difference between Marines, SEALs, CIA Agents, & More

     September 12, 2017

Taylor Kitsch is incredibly well versed in playing military men up on the big screen, previously starring as a Marine in Battleship, a Navy SEAL in Lone Survivor, and now a CIA Agent in American Assassin. Having played all these different hard-edged role, Kitsch is somewhat of an expert on the proper way to hold a gun & a knife, and the various activities they involve. In American Assassin, a big deal is made about stabbing an enemy in the jugular (as opposed to slicing their throat – which is actually a big no-no in the film). So of course – I couldn’t help but ask Kitsch, from his previous training, if that was actually true. This then led into some, well, darker areas of discussion…

In American Assassin, Kitsch co-stars as Ghost, a CIA agent gone rogue, who turns against his country, plotting a terrorist attack on foreign soil. It’s up to new CIA recruit Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien) and Ghost’s former mentor Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton) to stop the turncoat before his plans come to fruition.

In the following interview with Taylor Kitsch, the actor discusses the differences between CIA agents, Marines & Navy Seals, the conflicting training advice he’s received on films and, of course, his murder tips. For the full interview, watch above. Below is a list of what was discussed.

Taylor Kitsch:

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