TBS Speeds up SEINFELD by 7.5% to Add 2 More Minutes of Commercials

     February 15, 2015


Networks will do anything to squeeze in more commercials.  They’ve started new episodes during the credits of the previous episode.  They’ve plastered ads at the bottom of the screen in the middle of the episode.  Now they’re playing dirty by speeding through the episodes just to get in a few more minutes of precious ad time.

An intrepid Seinfeld fan [via reddit] noticed that everyone’s favorite show about nothing seemed to be running slightly faster.  To check, he compared the airing of a recent episode to a digital recording of the same episode from ten years ago on the same hardware.  He found that the show was running 7.5% faster, which amounts to freeing up two minutes of ad time.

Watch the video below.  Can we finally get all of Seinfeld on a streaming service?