New ‘Team Thor’ Video Hilariously Follows-Up on the Asgardian’s Life on Earth

     February 14, 2017


As MCU fans will note, Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor was noticeably absent in Captain America: Civil War, but a “Team Thor” video released last summer as part of the movie’s Blu-ray extras revealed exactly where he was. (We also just saw him and Doctor Strange paling around in another recently bonus video). One of Marvel’s best assets is how it embraces humor, and evidently we have underrated Hemsworth as a comedic actor. The Thor movies in particular have always leaned into funny and awkward moments, because how else can you normalize an alien god hanging out on Earth?

Now, a new follow-up to the original Team Thor video gives us another glimpse of what Thor has been up to recently. Perfectly edited (because let’s be real, that’s what makes a good comedy a great one), the new video shows a beach bum-like Thor hanging out with Darryl and trying to sell some of his Asgardian wares to fund his Earthly lifestyle. Check out the video below:

I mean, where to even begin, right? One Asgardian button coin = one gazillion USD, Thor’s savvy assertion that since he’s a celebrity he’s previously owned goods will “sell like hotcakes,” but even more hilariously we have his response to getting a job: “The muscle is a brain, so I am covered in brains, and I have more brains than you!” The logic is clearly without flaws. (But about those muscles … hello).

Evidently this video is just a tease for all of the riches to be found among the Doctor Strange video extras, and I say keep ’em coming. They are delightful, and lord knows we could use a little bit more of that. But the real question is: will Darryl have a cameo in Thor: Ragnarok? Dare to dream, Darryl!

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